#LiberationDocinBedStuy - Reflections on the Pandemic

Jan 2020

Shortly after taking this picture with @shotbykenan after my 49th birthday, I began a conversation with my comrade Baba Aye, Health and Safety Officer for the 30 million member Public Services International Union. We met in 2015 at PSI Afrecon in Botswana where we embarked on a global conversation and strategy to learn lessons from the Ebola Epidemic, and advocate for global investment in public health infrastructure.  We've been family since that time, chatting off and on about music, spirit, health, global organizing and both of us being founding members of the Global African Workers Institute that convened in 2018 in London.  In February we started chatting about what we were seeing globally about the Coronavirus. It's crazy how this video from Afrecon in 2015 that I taped seems to have a bit of foreshadowing Dr. Lewis at PSI Afrecon 2015 - "Ebola is not an African problem but a global issue" See a conversation I did with Baba Aye on World Health Day 2020 (April 7, 2020) where we discussed the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on workers of African Descent around the globe.

Since then I've been working with souls under my consult in Brooklyn and around the country as a physician, with individuals and communities as a wellness consultant and healer, as local, state, and national organization as a health equity and political strategist, and with my fam around the U.S. and globe as labor leader. 

And for real, I'm just a daughter doing what she was raised to do on this earth.  I have more to tell and share but for now. . .I just wanted to say hello. 

How are you? 

For real. . .

Be easy. 

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