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Resources Mentioned on The Sip 11.15

  The Black Joy Experience This Joy - Resistance Revival Chorus Playlist for The Sip 11.15 Trustworthiness Before Trust: Covid-19 Vaccine Trials and the Black Community

Black Policy Lab 3rd Annual Conference #BodiesBusinessBallots

 OMG! Liberation Health Strategies is SO HONORED to be a Bridge Sponsor for this dopeness!  Register at  this link! More info  here!

Launching the Global African Workers Webinar Series! Come Thru

Please join my global labor fam as we launch the Global African Workers Webinar Series!  So grateful to be a founding member of this conversation. Much love fam!  11A EST (New York) 12N BRT (Rio De Janeiro) 8A PST (LA) 3P GMT (Accra) 4P WAT (Lagos) 4P BST (London) 5P SAST (Johannesburg)

Brooklyn Healing, Equity, and Justice Cypher - Favorite References [August 2020]

  Bogan, Sharon. “Five Things to Know about Trauma-Informed Practice | Public Health Insider | Courier-Herald.” Courier, Courier-Herald, 3 Apr. 2019, Bhojwani, Sayu. “Let's Get Real About Why Women of Color Are So Tired.” Medium, Medium, 11 Feb. 2020, Blackwell, Kelsey. “Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People.” The Arrow, 23 Apr. 2020, Cooper, Brittney C. Eloquent Rage: a Black Feminist Discovers Her Superpower . Picador, 2019 Crear-Perry, Joia. “Race Isn't a Risk Factor in Maternal Health. Racism Is.” Rewire.News, Rewire.News, 11 Apr. 2018, “CV-19 Response Page

Liberation Health Strategies presents "The Joy of We" - Joy as Sacred Medicine for Your Revolution

Welcome “Wellness of We” Fam!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring for this practice for the concluding day of the “Wellness of We” conference - themed “The Joy of We” Please see below information on the Liberation Health Strategies fam that held this space for you and our world.   Recorded May 30, 2020. Published June 1, 2020. View the Video Here! Featured in the video: (in order of appearance) L. Toni Lewis, MD - Lead Facilitator Doc, KemeticYogi, Healer. Health Equity and Social Justice Strategist. Love. Light. #HealthEquityCypher #LiberationHealthStrategies IG: @DrLTL @LiberationHealthStrategies Twitter: @LToniL Bernadette Pleasant - Lead Facilitator Creator of @LiveFemme ! Learner. Teacher. Speaker. Lover of family, dance, art, live African drums, kindness, hugs, great food, all humans healing. Baba Donn Babatunde - Maste

LiberationDoc on Covid Truth and Reparations - Published in Medium 5.14.20

Hello fam! Check out my latest publish titled "Preparing for Our Next in the Times of COVID 19: Truth and Reparation as we Witness Health Injustice in Real Time."

#LiberationDocinBedStuy - Reflections on the Pandemic

Jan 2020 Shortly after taking this picture with @shotbykenan after my 49th birthday, I began a conversation with my comrade Baba Aye , Health and Safety Officer for the 30 million member Public Services International Union. We met in 2015 at PSI Afrecon in Botswana where we embarked on a global conversation and strategy to learn lessons from the Ebola Epidemic, and advocate for global investment in public health infrastructure.  We've been family since that time, chatting off and on about music, spirit, health, global organizing and both of us being founding members of the Global African Workers Institute that convened in 2018 in London.  In February we started chatting about what we were seeing globally about the Coronavirus. It's crazy how this video from Afrecon in 2015 that I taped seems to have a bit of foreshadowing  Dr. Lewis at PSI Afrecon 2015 - "Ebola is not an African problem but a global issue"  See a conversation I did with Baba Aye on World Hea