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Liberation Health Strategies presents "The Joy of We" - Joy as Sacred Medicine for Your Revolution

Welcome “Wellness of We” Fam!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to bring for this practice for the concluding day of the “Wellness of We” conference - themed “The Joy of We” Please see below information on the Liberation Health Strategies fam that held this space for you and our world.   Recorded May 30, 2020. Published June 1, 2020. View the Video Here! Featured in the video: (in order of appearance) L. Toni Lewis, MD - Lead Facilitator Doc, KemeticYogi, Healer. Health Equity and Social Justice Strategist. Love. Light. #HealthEquityCypher #LiberationHealthStrategies IG: @DrLTL @LiberationHealthStrategies Twitter: @LToniL Bernadette Pleasant - Lead Facilitator Creator of @LiveFemme ! Learner. Teacher. Speaker. Lover of family, dance, art, live African drums, kindness, hugs, great food, all humans healing. Baba Donn Babatunde - Maste